Why Study In Australia ?

Get to Know the Country

Australia flaunts its cultural divergence and top-notch lifestyle luxuries that all the residents, temporary or permanent, are bound to enjoy. Welcoming all the cultures across the globe with open arms, being friendly and helpful, and thriving together on all fronts is what makes Australia your perfect study destination.

With over 800,000 overseas students enrolled in the country’s universities and vocational institutions in 2020, Australia was rated as the country with the highest ratio of international students per head of population in the world.


Opera House

As the largest country in Oceania and the 6th largest country by area, Australia is one of the most beautiful and highly urbanised countries of the world. Canberra is the capital city, with other metropolitans such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide and so on.

Benefits of Studying in Australia

  1. World-class academic recognition:

    Australia provides high-quality theory as well as a practical learning experience that is acknowledged by the best education bodies and companies across the globe.

  2. Best Colleges:

    Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 list has 8 among top 100 universities from.

  3. Australia Multicultural:

    Students all around the world flock in for studying in this education hub, thus making it a home to aspirants from diverse cultures and traditional backgrounds.

  4. Australian Qualification Framework:

    The 39 Australian universities are government-funded and are closely monitored to render the best learning experience.

  5. Cost-effective:

    Staying in Australia while pursuing higher education is extremely pocket-friendly, comparatively lesser than other countries.

  6. Wide range of courses:

    Australia has a long-standing history of housing some of the best research institutes in the fields of chemistry, geology, biology, mathematics and engineering found in around 40 universities along with around 750 different programs that suit the needs of all .

  7. Scholarship options:

    Annually AUD$200 million are allotted by the Australian government for handing out scholarships to worthy international candidates.

  8. Work while studying:

    Australian student visa holders are eligible for working up to 40 hours in two weeks with hourly wages of a maximum $17.

  9. Great weather:

    Unlike other countries, Australian weather remains moderately warm to hot, saving you from extreme colds and killer snowstorms.

  10. Easy access to leisure activities and adventures:

    From the crown jewel, the Sydney Opera House to scuba diving the world’s largest coral reef- the Great Barrier Reef to bungee jumping and surfing the waves of Pacific and Indian oceans, Australia has got the wanderer in you covered for the adventures of your life.

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is a national framework which covers qualifications in post-compulsory education. It has 10 levels and links school, vocational and higher education qualifications into a single national system, allowing easy movement from one level of study to another and between institutions.

The Australian education system is broadly structured as follows:

  1. Primary school: seven or eight years

  2. Secondary school: four years

  3. Senior secondary school: two years

  4. Tertiary education: includes higher education and vocational education and training

There are 42 universities in Australia: 40 Australian universities (37 public and 3 private) and 2 international private universities.

Australia promotes innovation, creativity, and independent thinking throughout its universities. As an international student in Australia, you can expect to live, grow, and learn in a young, friendly country full of opportunities.

Living In Australia

The living expenses in Australia can differ based on your lifestyle, mode of accommodation and personal requirements. The Australian Government estimates general living expenses to be $20,000 per year for international students. A survey of our International Students revealed most spent between $15,000 – $24,000 per year (depending on living arrangements,personal choices and lifestyle).

Australia is one of the most sought after study destinations for International students. The continuous demand for the skilled workforce in the country has given a boost to the education sector; which continues to attract and sustain thousands of International students every year.

A post-study work visa in Australia allows International students to stay in the country for upto 4 years and work in their chosen profession after completing their studies.

A Post study work visa generally allows you to stay in the country between 2-4 years depending on the length of your course. In recent years, Australian government has committed to support the regional areas.

Students who have completed their graduation/bachelors education in Australia are eligible to put forward an application for a two year post-study work visa only after completing minimum study duration of 2 years. Similarly you are eligible for a 3 year post-study work visa after you have completed your Master’s by research and 4 years post study work permit years after completing PhD course in Australia.

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